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Albany Dodgeball combines athletics, philanthropy and fun with the best of both worlds: hockey, basketball, football, volleyball and more. On most Wednesdays and Sundays, the Albany County Hockey Facility has a full schedule of events for its hockey and basketball teams.

The winter season has already begun, and we also have a forum to inform us about teams that need players, as well as information about the Albany County Hockey League.

If you still haven't found a league that's right for you, our website, where you can create a member profile and browse local athletes and leagues, is a good place to look if you're not sure which league is already buzzing. They could try to sign a free agent with the Albany County Hockey League or any of the other local sports leagues.

The men's roller derby in the Capital District takes place in April, and the Albany All-Stars are at the Washington Ave Armory. The Ciccotti Center in Colonie has been responsible for both the men's and women's leagues since the end of February. The Hellions of Troy train and play their first game of the season against the New York State Women's Hockey League in Schenectady.

Many of these leagues are underway, and some make you feel like you're playing at pro-level, but each level of the league is characterized by experience and has a different level of experience for those who are just learning the game. The league has its Winter 3-a-Meeting, which starts at the same time, as well as a 9v9 football league, which begins in March. Some leagues have a winter 4- a - day session, while the winter 3-a sessions of some leagues start around the same time.

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