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The state of New York is the best destination for music in the world, and listening to live music is an experience that transports you. If you travel around the state, you'll find a wide range of bands, from the rising stars of the New York music scene to the best local acts. Make the music and art shop here in Latham your last stop before you take to the stage, as this viola, drums and metal outfit plays as a string quartet. I live in Albany, so I have # ve known about this show, But I only went there a few weeks ago to catch it.

If you don't get a huge headliner going, you can guarantee that this place will be filled with guests enjoying music and drinks all summer long. Close to Lake George and Albany you will find some of your favorite tours. Summer is at Brantle, and they go all the way to inspire you to clean up the famous New York River.

This Grade II listed cathedral offers exceptional choir and organ music, and this summer you can relive Lake George's golden age of song with a guided tour of St. John the Evangelist Cathedral and New York Cathedral.

The Eastman School of Music in Rochester, which Newsweek calls "the hottest music school in America," presents celebrated musicians from around the world at its annual music festival. The Chautauqua Institution offers many summer concerts for those studying at the annual music festival. The Belleayre Music Festival also features a wide range of music styles, including the Catskill Mountain Jazz Series in August.

On Long Island, the Tilles Center for the Performing Arts has been offering concerts for over 30 years. Other fine venues include the New York State Opera House in Albany and the Albany Symphony Orchestra in Rochester.

Woodstock's Byrdcliffe Guild Bearsville Theater offers a diverse selection of Woodstock concerts, and Uptown Kingston's annual Wall Street Jazz Festival attracts a loyal audience to the floating concert hall of the New York State Opera.

The Davidson Brothers have great local music when caught at the right time and they have something of their type. This Lake George Bar is truly exemplary as it is one of the best places to go out and meet up for a good time in the area.

This music shop offers a wide selection of music from local and national artists as well as local artists from all over the world. You hear all this on the pitch and if you want to make music, you will have a home here. Since 1952, they have partnered with local music education programs to provide more than 1.5 million hours of music education in schools across the nation.

In addition to the wonderful community here in Latham, they serve the Albany area and neighboring Westchester, Albany County and Buena Vista Heights.

In the heart of Glens Falls, this is the place to go out for dinner, get a good meal and listen to someone play acoustics. Huddle usually offers live local music on summer weekends and is one of the best places to enjoy drinks, music and live music in the summer. A great place to spend an evening with friends and family or to relax and enjoy live music.

Emilee Thayer began her piano studies with Karen Armedeo and Gayle Hinsdill and began her clarinet studies with Conrad Kushay. From there she gained experience in other courses at the school and went on to Mansfield University, where she worked as a graduate assistant in the bands and earned her master's degree in instrumental conducting. She has been able to experience a variety of teaching methods and styles to ensure the success of her students.

She applies her 7 years of experience in music teaching to her weekly lessons with her students, which include music theory. Whether she wants to make music or express music through music, she is keen to have fun and move students with a full understanding of what they are learning.

Miss Thayer has performed with the New York State Symphony Orchestra, the U.S. National Choral Association and the National Symphony. She also played clarinet in the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia.

Alongside the YouTube website, there is a video of her performance with the New York State Symphony Orchestra in Albany. Maybe someone who was there will tell the story of this excellent Albany scene better and fuller.

We at Music Arts deeply value our nation's hard-working music educators, and nothing here in music means more to us than seeing the power of music work in a person's life. We are here to make your life a little easier, not only for you, but also for your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

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